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Coverage is a resource management game, where different kinds of plants will produce some resources and use up others every few seconds. The goal is to cover the island entirely. Use the num 1-4 keys to select which kind of tile to place, and then click on an empty tile to put it down.

This is my first game jam game ever, and although I wanted to do a lot more with this, I'm still pretty happy with how it turned out. I don't think this is actually that fun of a game if I'm honest, but forcing myself to actually finish something was a great experience!  Thanks for checking it out!

Install instructions

Unzip and extract the folder, then run the exe. Thank you!


Coverage.zip 764 kB


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I like the concept and the art. And congrats on finishing your first game jam! (I was participating for the first time too and finished as well)

I think you need to give some feedback to the player in regards to what happens, like, what is the cost of different tiles and what resources they produce (and yeah, I know a lot of goals in a short game jam, but for the sake of giving feedback))). Since everything happens so quickly it's not clear what to do. Maybe having turns instead of changes happening every second would give enough info to the player to make decisions. 

Anyway, good job!